Best Road Registration for The Car Part 1

Road Registration for The Car – Things to Know

Road Registration, For driving on public roads your car needs a road registration. For “normal” cars this is often no problem – but what about tuned or motorsport vehicles?

Road Registration for The Car
what makes a vehicle street legal

The commercial vehicle gets a road registration
If you buy a new or used vehicle at a car dealership or from a dealer, you do not have to worry about road registration. Car manufacturers adapt their vehicles to get an MOT.

If you can prove that you have liability insurance, road registration for your car is no longer a problem. Of course, you also need a driver’s license, which is part of the mandatory equipment, to operate the vehicle.

Exceptions are vehicles, for example, scooters, which are allowed to drive with an ABE and do not need a registration. These are vehicles that have only a low maximum speed.

Also, ambulances and cars with special throttling to up to 50 km/h belong to it. The operating permit makes the license plate and vehicle tax superfluous. For this reason, these vehicles are less expensive.

Road Registration for The Car
what makes a vehicle street legal

The vehicle must have a so-called type of approval for registration. This is issued by a.a.S., an officially recognized expert. Modern vehicles get this approval already before the brand launch. You do not have to worry about it.
In detail, the regulations are regulated in the StVZO. You need a license plate, which you get from the road traffic authority.
The vehicle must have a TÜV. There are exceptions to this regulation. These concern, among other things, cars that you can move in road traffic with an operating license. You also do not have to present classic cars to the TÜV.

A car for motorsports must meet the following requirements

If you drive a car that was built for motorsports, for example, you can apply for road approval. To do this, contact an officially recognized expert. The regulations are very complex. Your vehicle must have all the components that are safety-relevant for road traffic.

Road Registration for The Car
what makes a vehicle street legal

Safety-relevant parts include at least two independently functioning brakes and a parking brake. In addition, the vehicle must have the prescribed light sources. The StVZO regulates approved modifications to the lighting in this respect.
If you have rallied with your vehicle so far, you will likely have to remove some modifications.

Tuning on the bodywork is also not permitted without restrictions. If you are unsure, you should present the vehicle to the TÜV. For the transfer, you can use a transfer license plate.
Some vehicles are not suitable for road registration. This concerns, among other things, cars that were developed for motorsports and are not allowed to drive on the road in terms of width, or even exceed the strictly standardized parking width. Also, vehicles that are not equipped with a muffler will not receive approval.

Road Registration for The Car
what makes a vehicle street legal

Approval for road use may also be waived if you make modifications to the safety-relevant parts. In addition, not every modification is approved and may result in the withdrawal of the registration. You should contact the TÜV if you have extensive conversion plans.
Modern and environmentally friendly electric vehicles often receive approval, even if they have a somewhat unusual design. For example, there are vehicles with electric motors that have only three wheels.

This does not stand in the way of road approval. A driving test with such a vehicle shows that the driving characteristics are quite positive.
Whether or not you get road approval for your vehicle depends on many different factors. Your car must have all safety-relevant components.