Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers

Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers

Winter tire, With the CYCL-E Winter Tire, Pirelli has recently not only presented a new bicycle tire from the urban portfolio but now also offers ale iner of the few manufacturers a new alternative for use in winter. We have now tested the model in suitable weather conditions for some time. But one thing can already be said in advance: The Pirelli CYCL-E Winter Tire provides significantly more safety in the cold season. In this test, you can find out what makes the tire so special.

With the Top Contact Winter II Premium, Continental is one of the few bicycle tire manufacturers to offer a solution for commuters and city bikers who are also on the road in snowy or icy conditions. Now Pirelli is following suit and expanding its Velo product family with a winter tire for urban use. However, the Italians rely on a different concept: Unlike the Conti model, the CYCL-E Winter Tire is a clincher tire with a different profile. However, both models do without studs and can therefore be used much more universally. Whether Pirelli’s winter tire can convince daily use in bad weather conditions, but especially in snow and slippery conditions, you can find out in this article.

Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers
Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers

The Pirelli CYCL-E CYCL-E Winter Tire in detail

Unfortunately, Pirelli does not reveal many details about the CYCL-E Winter Tire. The manufacturer has relied on the expertise from the automotive sector in the development and designed a tire that should be optimally suited for the winter season. No matter whether cold asphalt, thin layers of snow, over-freezing wetness, or even frost – in all these scenarios, the Pirelli CYCL-E WT should work perfectly.

In the process, Pirelli allows mounting on analog bikes and e-bikes. Offered for this are three versions: 37-622 (28 x 1.40), 42-622 (28 x 1.60) and 50-584 (27.5 x 2.00). The weight of the different versions varies between 780 and 1,110 Gramm.

Environmentally friendly compound and winter tread

According to Pirelli, the tread of the CYCL-E Winter Tire consists of two layers: a composite material as a “cap” on the contact side with the asphalt and a “base” layer inside, which is intended to protect against perforations.

Due to the special composition of the cap layer, the manufacturer guarantees the best driving characteristics for all types of bikes up to speed pedelecs on various road surfaces.

Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers
Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers

The base layer has a thickness of between 3.0 and 3.5 millimeters, depending on the tire size. This is to prevent perforation by small stones, shards, and other foreign bodies. Puncture resistance is also achieved by the rubber compound with the property of trapping sharp particles.

In addition, the Italian tire specialist uses an environmentally friendly rubber compound, because recycled rubber powder from old tires is also processed. In addition, emphasis was placed on using as much natural rubber as possible from renewable raw materials.

High weight and no information on puncture protection

Pirelli does not disclose exact details on puncture protection. Unfortunately, it is therefore also not clear whether and in what form there is an intermediate layer against cuts as well as punctures in the tire.

Due to the thick rubber compound and the design as a clincher tire, the Pirelli CYCL-E Winter Tire in the case of our test sample in 42-622 weighs a whopping 1,050 grams. By comparison, the Conti Top Contact Winter II Premium weighs just 680 grams as a folding tire.


The mounting of the Pirelli CYCL-E Winter Tire turned out surprisingly difficult. The tire could only be moved over the rim flange with effort and the aid of two tire levers. Even with a lot of effort, it was not possible to mount the model without tools.

Driving characteristics

In keeping with the winter weather conditions, we were able to drive the Pirelli CYCL-E Winter Tire in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. However, the tire was also used on dry roads, which is why we were able to test the most important driving characteristics.

Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers
Winter Tire Best for Commuters and City Bikers

The tire was convinced with excellent all-around properties because the performance did not fail in any weather conditions. In principle, the tire does not differ from other all-season models in the dry. Rolling resistance is at a reasonably low level and grip and traction are very good. It is only when the surface is wet, cold, or even covered with snow that the strengths of the CYCL-E WT become apparent. In such scenarios, the Pirelli conveys safety through good traction and grip. Only when the road is icy, the tire is subject to the representatives with spikes.

Otherwise, the winter tire can come up with a pleasant comfort due to the appropriate damping. What is noticeable, however, is a slight whirring as running noise, caused by the special tread.

Although Pirelli hardly makes any statements about puncture protection, the tire did not give us a single puncture during the almost 2,000 test kilometers. The high weight and thus the amount of rubber comes into play here, because even small stones or shards could not cause a flat tire.