Best Helicopter License, How Long to Get Helicopter License ?

How much does it cost to get a helicopter license ?

helicopter license costs
Gliding through the skies in a helicopter is a childhood dream for many. But before you can fly smilingly over traffic jams in a helicopter, you must undergo extensive training to become a helicopter pilot. Find out how this works, what it costs to get your helicopter license, and what requirements you have to meet in this interview with the cost check expert.

What are the requirements?

check cost : You have to meet various requirements for pilot training:

The minimum age at the start of training is 16, and 17 for the exam.
A German driver’s license as proof of immediate measures at the scene of an accident must be presented. Alternatively, a certificate of a completed first aid course is also valid.
You need the authorization to perform radiotelephony services in German (BZF II)
as well as a medical fitness certificate of class 1 or 2.

how long to get helicopter license
how long to get helicopter license

A current certificate of good conduct from the police and an
extract from the central traffic register must also be submitted.

A physician must certify the background check following §7 of the German Aviation Security Act.
Furthermore, a birth certificate or copy of the identity card is required.
Freedom above the clouds: What does a pilot’s license cost?
What does PTA training cost?
I want to get a pilot’s license – how much does it cost?
What does the helicopter license cost?
Cost check: This pilot’s license is very complex, so it is not one of the least expensive flight licenses. The following table provides an overview of the average costs:

Cost overview price

Flying hours with an instructor, depending on the number of hours 9.000 – 14.000 EUR
Prescribed solo flights 4.000 – 5.000 EUR
Theory lessons 400 – 1.000 EUR
Examination fee is 400 EUR
Radiotelephone certificate 100 EUR
Flight medical certificate 180 EUR
helicopter license costs
For a helicopter license, you have to calculate more than 10.000€.

how long to get helicopter license
how long to get helicopter license

So you have to spend at least 11.000 EUR on the helicopter license. The costs vary greatly from flight school to flight school and depending on the region.

However, a high price alone does not give any information about the quality of the training. Therefore, compare all cost factors carefully. Perhaps a flight school that is a little further away from your home will prove to be an inexpensive alternative, despite the travel costs.

Is a trial course worth it?

Cost check: Considering the high cost of training, a trial course, which many flight schools offer at quite affordable prices, is advisable in any case. Often, the amount paid for this course will be credited if you subsequently decide to take the helicopter license.

Freedom above the clouds: What does a pilot’s license cost?
What does PTA training cost?
I would like to take the pilot’s license – how much does it cost?
What skills should I bring with me?
Cost Check: Actually, it’s not that hard to pilot a helicopter. If you:

how long to get helicopter license
how long to get helicopter license

have a knack for handling technical equipment,
as well as being able to provide all the necessary documentation,
there is nothing to stop you from obtaining your helicopter license.

How long does the training take?

Cost check: This varies greatly and depends on how much free time you can devote. Full-time training takes at least nine weeks. If you only have time at the weekends and on vacation, you will need an average of twelve months for your helicopter license.

How many flying hours do I have to take?

Cost check: In practical training, you complete at least 45 hours of total flight time. Of this, a maximum of 5 hours can be replaced by exercises in the flight simulator.

The minimum solo flight time under the supervision of a flight instructor is 10 hours. This includes a minimum of 5 hours of cross-country flying. If you already hold a pilot license, you can receive credit for up to 6 hours of flight experience.

What do I learn in the theoretical and practical training?
helicopter license costs
During the training to become a helicopter pilot you also learn topography
Cost check: The training to become a helicopter pilot is very extensive. It is divided into practical and theoretical lessons.

You usually complete the theoretical instruction of at least 80 hours in a small group at the flight school.

Lesson contents are for example:

general aircraft knowledge
helicopter-specific flight planning and flight performance
air law
Training contents in practice are:

Flight preparation
Starting the engine
ground maneuvers, hovering, and aerodrome circuits
normal takeoffs and landings
Takeoffs and landings on sloping terrain and in crosswinds – Takeoff and landing techniques at minimum or maximum engine power – Collision avoidance measures and procedures – Guiding the helicopter in visual flight – Flights in confined terrain – Quick stops
Cross-country flight according to visual references
Emergency procedures
Approach and landing in autorotation
How does the check work?
Cost check: This consists of a very comprehensive theory test, which takes about six hours, and a practical flight test. During this, you must fly various maneuvers and prove that you can safely control the helicopter.

Can I get my helicopter license cheaper in the USA?

helicopter license costs
Helicopter training is cheaper in the USA
Cost check: In fact, the training in the USA is somewhat cheaper and very practical. That’s why quite a few future helicopter pilots choose this path and combine the dream of flying a helicopter with an extended vacation in the land of unlimited opportunities.

However, keep in mind that you have to add the price of accommodation, flight and a rental car to the cost of training.

In addition, regulations were tightened in 2003. Since then, the conversion of a U.S. helicopter license into a European helicopter license is only possible after additional training with a final theoretical and practical exam.

In addition, you have to prove 100 flight hours on the helicopter. Since this also incurs costs, there is often no actual saving anymore.